Thursday, 15 April 2010

Finally got the phone to Email, Vodafone Smtp servers.

It's only been 6+ months worth of trying every combination of Smtp servers, ports, authentications, encryptions and even different wap/gprs connections from, Gmail , Yahoo! mail and even Vodafone uk themselves, but judging the last post (sent form phone) I've finally got my W995 on Vodafone uk to send Emails!

Vodafone being the 3rd largest operator in the UK still arn't trusted by 3rd party SMTP servers for sending of emails. I've been able to receive pop3 emails from my account with from the begining but have never been able to send mails using there SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server This hasn't really bothered me until I entered the world of mobile blogging and found out that my W995s blogger aplication sends expensive MMS messages rather than Emails over my free GPRS.
Long story short, I found out that to send Emails from ANY vodafone device (click here for iPhone) you have to register for yet another email account at
Vodafone 360 account and use there smtp server

In brief for anyone with the same problems and miraculously stumbles accross my blog.

Register for an account at
Vodafone 360

Use SMTP server:

SMTP authentication: Enabled

User name: User name for account at
Vodafone 360

Password: Password for account at
Vodafone 360

Encryption: SSL

Port: 465

Thats what works for me, Hope it works for you.

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