Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mexico City and Hot!!

All arrived OK Stupid ash cloud floting over the atlantic ment we had to fly BACK over the top of england 150miles below Iceland, over Greenland (view was spectacular) then down the East cost of the USA. 12 hours and 10minutes later we landed in Benito Juárez Mexico city.

Will update with pictuers and rest of blogg later as i´m timed on this rather oddly set out keyboard and only 5mins and counting left......

See you in the weekend

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Arrived (: 10minutes early as well!

Everything going to plan so far, flight landed 10mins early, posted card to mother and found comfortable lounge chairs, wi-fi don't seen to work but now to sleep times.

Will it fly part 2

The plane is on the runway waiting to be boarded, will it fly? I'll hopefully be able to jack onto some free wiffy whilst killing the 6hour wait for our main flight and will update then.