Sunday, 26 April 2009

Monday, 13 April 2009

The wall ride put up a good fight but me and Dan beat it down :)

Final day over, and a long journey ahead only broke up by a stop off to meet a special short one in Liverpool. Cwmcarn is well worth the slightly techy long ride up just to play on the freeride park with its Glentress style drop offs and wall ride mixed with Ae line flowing table tops. Beautiful x
Next time we park one car at the main carpark and drive a second to the carpark at the bottom of the FR park and enjoy what we do best, DOWN! :)
Catch up wid ya'all back in the izzle.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Afan long up, sweet decent

We're back, not out too long, and we all pedaled most of the long fire road climbs. But the flowing single track and the final decent made up for it all. A relaxed ride on wich we were met by like minded Rik and Paddy who, unfortunalty had other plans for the afternoon so couldan't join us for some pubgrub at the Sommerset Arms (if you go have the gammon mexicana).
Leaving Afan at 2:30pm we had to rush to get back and DT (drop tent) before we had to pay for another night, not that i wold complain having to spend another day in this valley of wonderfull trails. After DTing we went in search of a tesco/open grocery shop and somwhere to get our long awated sunday pub lunch :)

A new start, early morning!

Yep we actually made it to Afan 6minutes a head of schedule!
A slight change of plan sees us staying all sunday in the Afan/Glyncorrwg area then traveling to Cwmcarn this evening as an attempt to try and treat this as a holiday not a 'rush around trying to ride every trail center in Wales' trip.

The Whites level trail, Glyncorrwg

Half way round the Whites level trail at Glyncorrwg was when we receved the news that Fiona and Adam Sheridan were finally parents, congratulations :)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sunny saturday morning

Fridays long drive over we set up camp and drove the 10 miles back to Llandegla forest.
I would rate the ride 6.5 out of 10. It starts with a long slow blue/red fire track style climb that just keeps going. It would be a good warm up if our legs weren't quite so tired from the road trip down. Finally we cut off onto the Red only route. Switch back turns, jumps, burms and Mikes' brake lever bolt decides to come undone. A quick bodge later and we ride on, switch backing and climbing our way to the the main black route.
FAST MODE ENGAGED. Flowing tight 2wheel drifting corners, huge burms, and jumps a plenty. Its a shame most of the jumps were more like lumps, giving you a choise of landing to flat or high speed pumping like a crazed olympic BMX racer. Unfortunately like life in reverse with the downs come ups, i blame tired legs after an early start but eyeryone was waking, except Henry Mr 1001 gears who bravely peddled on.
Now mixing between Red flat sections and black climbs and with only 50minutes untill the car park closed, the paced picked up, all thanks to a shot of adrenalin in the form am Ae line style jump park and push up path. A large burm throws you into doubles and table tops one after another and with the easy push up it was begging to be sessioned all day. But now with only 30mins untill the car park closed and Dan starting to wheeze for his inhaler we were forced to carry on. 20minutes later muddy and smiling we packed up the cars and headed back to camp for food and bed.
We woke this morning to sunshine and Cranstons cumberland sausage thanks to Mikes mum. So with both us and the cars fully packed we're En Route to Glyncorrwg. Whoop dang gotta love the sunny hours road tripping.